Houston Cops Try, Fail to Erase Video of Themselves Handcuffing Gun Advocate


A pro-gun advocate recently filmed Houston police officers detaining him and admitting to wanting to delete cellphone video of the incident.

The man was openly carrying an AR-15 assault weapon, books on the U.S. Constitution, a sign and a cellphone that was filming (video below) when he was confronted by police officers on Dec. 6, notes PhotographyisNotaCrime.com.

A unidentified officer asks the man if he has ID on him, but the man says he does not. The officer asks the man why he doesn't have ID and tells the man to take his gun off.

The officer accuses the man of wanting a confrontation, which the gun advocate denies.

“You’re going to jail for failure to ID because you can’t tell me who you are, you can’t prove who you are," says the officer. "I’m tired of you idiots coming out here. We’ll take the phone off now. We’re going to erase it because that’s what you’re doing; you’re recording everything.”

The officer takes the phone away from the man, but doesn’t realize the man’s phone is still recording the scene, noted The Free Thought Project.

The man is handcuffed by the officers. He claims they placed him inside a police cruiser “cage” until a sergeant arrived to release him.

Apparently, the gun owner, who was not arrested, was within his rights not to identify himself.

According to Texas Penal Code: "A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information."

Sources: Onecle.com, PhotographyisNotaCrime.com, The Free Thought Project


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