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Houston Officer Is Filmed Beating Man, Resigns (Video)

A surveillance video (below) released on Sept. 26 shows a Houston Metro police officer brutally beating a man on Sept. 14 at a Houston train station.

Darrell Giles was sleeping on a bench when Officer Jairus Warren and Officer Daniel Reynoso approached him, reports KTRK.

Warren pulled out a baton while talking to Giles, and Reynoso may have looked inside Giles' bag without permission.

When Giles stood up, Warren violently beat him with the baton multiple times.

In the video, Reynoso appears to grab Warren's arm, but Warren continued to hit Giles, even when he was on the ground, rolling in pain.

The video has no audio, so it's not known what was said.

After the beating, Giles was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest, but prosecutors dropped the charges, notes The Associated Press.

Eight days after the train station incident, Giles was taken into custody for another incident and was charged with assaulting a public servant for allegedly biting a police officer on the arm, according to Houston police spokesman Kese Smith.

Houston Black Lives Matter organizer Ashton P. Woods praised Houston Metro Police Chief Vera Bumpers for releasing the video and reaching out to his organization, which originally called for the federal government to investigate the incident.

"They responded with transparency and serve as an example of how other police agencies can respond," Woods stated.

Bumpers told reporters on Sept. 26: "I did not count the number of times that Mr. Giles was struck but one is too many, in my opinion, if it's not justified."

Warren resigned the same day, but it's not clear if he will be criminally charged for the beating.

Warren and Reynoso were both suspended after the incident, but Bumpers said the video didn't show Reynoso using excessive force.

Reynoso is scheduled to return to his job, and have additional training.

Sources: KTRK, AP via ABC News / Photo credit: City Of Houston via YouTube

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