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Houston Cop Arrests Man for Filming Him on Friend’s Property (Video)

A man filming a police officer on his friend's property was arrested in Houston on Tuesday.

According to, the man is identified as Michael Gardner.

Gardner was filming (video below) while a Houston Police officer was talking to his friend.

The officer told Gardner that he needed to leave, but Gardner continued filming until he was arrested.

Gardner later wrote on his Facebook page:

So I went to jail yesterday in the awesome county of Harris in Houston Texas. Just so you guys know his last name is Hoang. I was transported handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser no seat belt while the ‪#‎Officer‬ texted and drove at speeds that I witnessed were over the posted speed limit. The judge found no probable cause and I was released but still I had my ‪#‎RightsViolated‬.

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