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Houston Company Thanks Employees With $100K Bonuses

It's not unusual to hear about a company handing out huge bonuses, but a Houston company is making headlines for sharing its largesse with everyone it employs, not just executives.

Hilcorp Energy Company awarded each of its 1,381 employees a $100,000 bonus for helping the privately held oil and gas firm reach a five-year goal Houston's KRIV reported. The bonus was prorated based on how much time the employee had been with the company over the past five years.

Amanda Thompson has been a receptionist with Hilcorp for a decade, and said Hilcorp's leaders are "such amazing motivators."

"It’s just a true gift," said Thompson. "And I think myself, as long as everyone else is not going to give any less than 100 percent each day."

Hilcorp, which was named by Fortune magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, set a goal to double key metrics by 2015, including oil field production rate, net oil and gas reserves, and equity value. The firm set the end of 2015 as its deadline, but the company met its goals in April, eight months ahead of schedule, according to a story on job-search site Monster.

"It was a stretch goal to meet that," Hilcorp CFO Shelbie Dezell told the Houston Chronicle. "We looked at it every month and talked about it every month. Then we had a huge celebration in the corporate office and in the field after we made it."

The effort was called the Dream 2015 campaign, and was a companywide effort that depended on every employee.

"That was based on doubling the size of Hilcorp over a five-year period and we met that goal," Thompson said. "And we all were able to celebrate and enjoy that life-changing day together.”

It's not the first time Hilcorp has been generous with its employees. In 2010, after meeting similar goals, Hilcorp offered employees a choice between a car worth $50,000 or a check for $35,000.

Thompson praised her bosses, Hilcorp CEO Jeff Hilldebrand and Greg Lalicker, president of the company.

"Some days I just kind of look down the hall and say I cant believe these are my bosses and they’re the best," Thompson told KRIV.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Monster, KRIV/ Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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