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Houston Bistro Apologizes for Tasteless Domestic Violence Beer Sign

A Houston restaurant apologized this weekend after the sign outside “Beer should be like violence: domestic” angered customers.

People took pictures of the sign at the Roots Bistro in Lower Westheimer, which soon ended up on Twitter and Facebook. A social media backlash ensued.

"Shame on you for that sign," wrote Elizabeth Hilts on the restaurant’s Facebook page in only one of a flood of comments. "Shame, shame, shame."

Owner of the locavore, vegetarian-friendly bistro, Kenneth Choate, claims he told an employee to take the sign down on Saturday. He says it was only up for about 10 minutes, but he received four phone calls and visits from TV reporters it.

"Our meat is hormone free, but our servers are not,” Choate said.

They posted a picture of their current sign with reads “Sorry a million times over.”

A customer who saw the sign on Facebook and drove by to see for himself was angry. Having been touched by domestic violence, Kyle Neilsen didn’t find anything funny about it.

"Domestic violence is something that often times happens behind closed doors and something like this makes it less likely victims will seek help," Nielsen said.

He protested outside the restaurant Saturday until he spoke with Choate. "He was very apologetic, very friendly," Nielsen said. "He did seem sincere."

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women ages 15 to 44 in the U.S., more than muggings, rapes, and car accidents combined, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Daily Mail


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