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Housemates Accused Of Murdering Sex Offender

Terry Oldham, 63, died after being beaten and sexually assaulted with a broom handle.

The alleged culprits are Aaron Mallon, 24, Michelle Casterton, 43, Daniel Quinn, 23, and Richard Rosevear, 32, all of whom lived with Oldham in Camborne, England, BBC reports.

The prosecution argued in Truro Crown Court that the group targeted Oldham because he was a convicted sex offender. Oldham, who was found dead on April 1, 2014, was convicted of sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 14 in 1987.

Oldham was found with extensive groin injuries, fractured ribs and many bruises in various stages of healing. The cause of his death, however, was related to the injuries he sustained when he was sexually assaulted with a broom handle, Mirror reported.

Prosecutors said in court that Oldham’s alleged attackers also fed him dog feces.

“[Oldham] was a small frail man in his 60s,” attorney Paul Dunkels said. "He was routinely bullied and assaulted by them. They took his money, and they stole his possessions.

"They knew he was a convicted sex offender so viewed him as fair game.”

Dunkels also said it’s likely Oldham was seriously ill after being sexually assaulted, but that they didn’t call for help until he died, BBC reports.

"Each maintained that all was normal and Terry Oldham was well until he was found dead that morning,” Dunkels said, according to Mirror. "Mallon, Casterton and Quinn were laughing and said that Richard Rosevear woke them up and said that Terry was dead, and they all went back to sleep before getting up to see what had happened.

"They said they kept poking him to see if he really was dead."

The trial is ongoing.

Sources: BBC, Mirror / Photo credit: Mirror


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