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House Squatters Throw Drink at News Reporter (Video)

WXYZ news reporter Ronnie Dahl recently had a drink thrown at her by some squatters who had illegally taken over a Detroit home.

The squatters moved into the suburban house by using fake lease and refused to move out. Dahl questioned them through the front door of the house in an earlier interview, notes

However, Chase bank filed eviction papers and local police came to evict the squatters, who retreated to their car and circled the block yesterday.

When the squatters stopped their car near the WXYZ news truck, Dahl tried to interview them, but someone inside the car threw a drink at her, reports (video below).

The squatters drove around the block again and held a bottle of barbecue sauce out the car window, but Dahl stayed away.

The squatters drove near Dahl again during her live news report and she yelled, “Just so you guys know, you’re live on television. I wouldn’t do that.”

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