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Man Burns House Down Trying To Kill Spider (Photos)

Man Burns House Down Trying To Kill Spider (Photos) Promo Image

An Arizona man burned his house to the ground after allegedly attempting to use a blowtorch to kill spiders in his home.

The fire broke out on Oct. 16 at around 9:20 p.m. Firefighters were called to a mobile home in Tuscon, Arizona, after a man -- who wished to be unnamed -- created a massive blaze while attempting to kill spiders with a blowtorch, Metro reported.

The man was suspected of using a propane torch to kill spiders and burn spiderwebs underneath his mobile home. But his tactic quickly backfired on him as he started a blaze that would ultimately burn his house to the ground.

The massive fire required 23 firefighters to contain it. The man and an elderly woman were forced out of the home, which was left completely gutted. No other structures in the mobile home park were damaged.

When fire crews arrived at the scene, they found the elderly woman lying safely on the ground. She was reportedly carried out of the burning house by her son and several neighbors. The Tucson Fire Department confirmed that the woman did suffer minor injuries and was treated by paramedics at the scene.

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It took fire crews 11 minutes to put out the blaze, but by that time, the damage was already done. The fire had ripped through the entire mobile home.

While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, firefighters suspect the blaze was started by the man and his blowtorch. Fire officials confirmed the damage was contained to the single mobile home and added that open flame burning is not permitted within Tucson city limits, KNXV-TV reported.

Social media users had a range of reactions to the story. Most were amused.

"Did the spider die at least?" asked one user.

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"Yep, this is 100% something I'd do," confessed another.

"I heard that there were no fatalities," another commenter wrote. "Does that mean the spiders were rescued?"

"But did he succeed in the primary mission?" asked one user. "You can handwave a surprising amount of collateral so long as the objectives are met."

"Who cares about a house... did he kill the spider tho," wrote another.

"It's a risk he was willing to take," another user commented.

Others suggested alternative methods to dealing with spiders.

"It's easier to just move out let them have what they want," joked one user.

"That would be me with a napalm gun," added another.

Sources: Metro, KNXV-TV / Featured Image: Pixabay  Embedded Images: Tuscon Fire Department via Metro

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