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Hotel Guests Sleep With Dead Body For A Week

For several days, one room at Hotel Senador in the beautiful Doctores Neighborhood of Mexico City came furnished with a dead human body under the bed.

According to police, a female corpse wrapped in plastic was under the bed in room 323 for at least a week, reports the Daily Mail.

“During the time that we believe the woman was under the bed, several people checked into the room and slept with the body underneath the bed,” explained a hotel spokesperson.

Apparently, none of the guests noticed the smell of rotting flesh that eventually led hotel staff to lift up the bed and see what was under it. When two cleaning ladies made the gruesome discovery, they reported it to management, who called the police.

Medics who investigated the scene confirmed that the deceased was a woman aged between 25 and 30. A coroner later determined that the cause of death was suffocation.

The woman checked into the room with a male companion, according to the hotel, but there is no surveillance video of either of them, and the identity of both remains a mystery.

Apparently, murderers have discovered that hotel beds are a good place to hide bodies, because the same thing happened recently in Thailand, as reported by the Daily Mail in August.

That case occurred at a hotel in the seaside resort of Pattaya. Guests checked into a room that had a corpse beneath the bed, but even though they noticed a smell they stayed the night, anyway.

The next day, the staff lifted up the bed to see what the smell was and found the body of a transgender woman stuffed inside the bed frame.

According to what Pattaya police chief Col Apichai Kropphet told the BBC at the time, “The hotel's cleaner found a very strong smell in the room and tried to find the source. Then the hotel staff searched the room and found the body under the mattress.”

The suspected murderers were two teenage boys, aged 14 and 17, and the victim was 28-year-old Amphon Kongsong, according to the Bangkok Post.

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: frabry/Pixabay

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