Hotel Guest Finds Disturbing Note Tucked Between Sheets

Staying in hotels is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but one Imgur user received a note that changed his entire stay. 

Just as the man got into bed for the night, he was confused by a crinkling sound beneath the sheets, Go Tumble reports.  He looked under the mattress and found the following note: 

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The note says: “If you’re reading this, then house-keeping did not change your sheets!”  

The note implies that the man had just crawled into bed in the same sheets that the previous occupants had been using. 

According to RN Central, there are many health risks posed from staying in a hotel, including the aforementioned reuse of sheets. There are also potential bed bug infestations, bacterial infections from hot tubs, moldy carpets, and germ-ridden buffets or bathrooms.  Hotel staff is supposed to clean and disinfect these problem areas, but many hotels skimp when it comes to cleanliness.  

After the anonymous hotel occupant posted his experience with the note on social media, a flurry of responses came in. 

One Facebook user on Stop Clickbait's page wrote, “I felt a chill go down my spine.” 

Another user, however, thinks the whole thing is a hoax. “As far as clickbait goes, this is pretty good. It's all on one page and it has a list underneath of ways that hotels can be disgusting or bad for your health.”

True or not, this story should give you pause the next time you stay in a hotel. 

Sources: Go Tumble, Stop Clickbait/Facebook, RN Central / Photo credit: Gary Bembridge/Flickr, Imgur via Go Tumble

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