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Dangerous 'Hot Water Challenge' Prank Leaves Man Severely Burned (Video)

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A disturbing new video that surfaced this week on the Internet exposes the dangers of a new online challenge, where one person boils a pot of water and throws it over another unsuspecting person.

Although funneling alcohol at high speeds and swallowing a spoon of cinnamon can be risky or harmful, this Internet challenge seems to top them all.

“Hot Water Challenge y’all,” a girl informs viewers in the video.

The girl then pours boiling water onto her brother, who falls to the ground and shouts in pain. She herself can be heard screaming as she realizes what she has done.

The video then cuts to “a few weeks later” and shows the severe burn marks the girl’s brother received from the prank.

The closing title reminds viewers to be mindful of internet challenges and their potential dangers.

Despite the warning, there are currently thousands of YouTube videos tagged with “hot water challenge.”

Sources: DailyMail, BroBible


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