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'That's The Most Embarrassing Thing': 'Hot Seat' Contestant Wrongly Answers Warm-Up Question (Video)

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Channel Nine "Hot Seat" contestant Whitney Beseler turned herself into an internet star on Tuesday night when she answered the warm-up question incorrectly in front of a national audience.

Beseler was the first of six contestants to sit across from host Eddie McGuire and answer questions. Despite being used to speaking and dealing with the public as a Contiki Tour manager and physical education teacher, it seems the large audience got the better of her.

“Which of these is not a piece of jewelry commonly worn to symbolize a relationship between two people?” McGuire asked.

Beseler consider each option: an engagement ring, anniversary ring, wedding ring and burger ring. The burger ring is a famous Australian brand of chips.

After a moment, Beseler made her pick with confidence. McGuire asked Beseler to look at the options a second time, but Beseler was resolute.

When McGuire locked in the answer, Beseler suddenly realized she had answered incorrectly.

“Oh my god Eddie that’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me,” Beseler said. “Can we cut and start again?”

Despite her plea, McGuire responded that it’s called the “Hot Seat” for a reason and the game came to a close for Beseler.

Sources: DailyMail, Mama Mia / Photo Credit: Channel 9


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