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Hostages Taken Inside Australian Cafe; Islamic Flag Reportedly Seen In Window

Terrorists took control of a café in Sydney on Sunday and reportedly told police that they have planted devices “all over the city.”

According to The Daily Mail, a group of unidentified terrorists seized control of the Lindt cafe today. They reportedly forced hostages to stand up near a window with their hands pressed against the glass and an Islamic flag being held up in front of them.

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Although a total number of hostages has not yet been confirmed, there may be at least 13.

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The Daily Mail also reports that one of the terrorists intiated contact with local authorities and informed them that his group had planted devices “all over the city” and that he wanted to “speak with the prime minister on radio.”

We will continue to update this story as more information comes in. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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