Hospitals that receive federal funds cannot discriminate against gay partners of patients

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  The Obama adminstration's has released  new rules that state any hospital that receives medicare and medicaid funds (which is the strong majority of them) cannot discriminate against gay partners of patients in a hospital. What it directly does  (in order to ensure that this discrimination ends) is ensure that the patient in the hospital is  able to choose without a veto by the hospital, who can visit he or she. Unfortunately, if the patient does not have the ability to make such a decision (such as if she/ he is in a coma) than the hospital still looks like it will be able to discriminate. This change in policy was brought about because hospitals have engaged in discrimination in the past. Why any hopsital would not allow the loved one of someone to visit a patient who requests that they be able to visit,  I have no idea. Look for the rChristian right (which does not represent in anyway the majority of Christians in America) to have a hissy fit about this. If the government is not treating gays as inferior beings,  than they start whining.

 Also, in very related news, lenders, owners and operators in Housing and Urban Development funded housing cannot discriminate  on the basis of sexual orientation anymore.  Good. Would these policy changes have happened under a President McCain? No. In fact, under a President Palin we might see them reversed. For theocrats, the government should be as mean and nasty to gay men and women as possible. I am glad that the majority of Christians do not see gay men and women as an enemy to the American people, but as part of our fabric of a nation.


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