This Is How A Nurse Decided To Quiet Down A Crying Baby

These new parents are furious today after a nurse at a local hospital taped their baby son’s mouth shut because he was “crying too loudly.”

Ryan Noval and Jasmine Badocdoc found their son with a piece of tape over his mouth as he slept at the hospital, the Daily Mail reports. Asking the nurse about it, she told them that “the baby was crying too loudly and was always asking for milk,” according to Sun.Star Cebu.

The boy’s mother asked the nurse to remove the tape, and was told to do it herself. When the nurse did remove it, Yohannes cried from a piece of skin from his lips being stuck to the tape.

The nurse’s supervisor told the couple that the nurse had taped the boy’s mouth to keep the pacifier in, though it might have fallen out.

The boy’s father slammed Cebu Maternity Hospital, in the Philippines, on his Facebook page, uploading pictures of his son with the tape over his mouth.

“Meet my son Yohannes Noval!!,” Noval wrote on Facebook. “he cannot speak about his horrific experience from the attending nurse's hands inside Maternity Hospital's nursery.....so we have to speak out for him.

“If you think your new born babies are safe, think again. Your babies could be silent victims and you will never really know about it!!!”

Badocdoc wrote on her own Facebook that her son was likely crying because he needed a diaper change.

"When I checked on my baby, he peed on his diaper and needed to be changed so I did," she wrote. "That was probably the reason why he's been crying and [the nurse] didn't check on him, but just put the tape/plaster on his mouth so he'd keep quiet."

Sun.Star Cebu reports that the hospital is under investigation.

Sources: Daily Mail, Sun.Star Cebu


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