Grieving Parents Given The Wrong Dead Babies While Hospital Tries To Cover It Up

A hospital made a huge mistake by mixing up two dead babies of the opposite sex. Instead of admitting their mistake, employees at the Chisinau Municipal Hospital tried to cover it up by dressing the baby boy up as a girl.

According to reports, a nurse handed over a dead baby girl to the grieving parents of a baby boy. Natalia Didencu says the hospital gave her the child already in a coffin, so she had no idea it was not hers.

“No one asked me for my ID,” said Didencu. “They gave me the child fully dressed in a coffin and I was sure it was my boy.”

Meanwhile, hospital staff realized they had made a mistake, but rather than going to retrieve the actual baby girl, they dressed the dead boy in a pink dress and handed him over to the parents of the deceased girl.

When 33-year-old Svetlana Tarna and her 34-year-old husband Constantin returned home, they noticed something was different about their baby. They lifted up the dress and realized that the baby was in fact a boy and not their daughter. By the time they and hospital officials got to Didencu, she had already unknowingly buried the girl, thinking it was her son.

“I didn’t even think this could happen,” said Didencu.

Now, the hospital, located in Moldova, has come under serious fire, and Ion Arteni, deputy director of the hospital, says that the guilty employees will be fired after a disciplinary hearing. As for the babies, the girl that is already buried will not be dug up, and the boy will likely be buried next to her.

Sources: Daily News, Parent Dish, Colorado Newsday


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