Hospital Doesn't Want Jury to See Video of Ambulance Running Light Before Striking Motorcyclist


Newly released surveillance video footage shows an ambulance driving through a red light on May 26, 2012, near the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The ambulance driver and her partner claimed they stopped at the red light before hitting motorcyclist Jesus Santiago, notes the New York Daily News, but a private security video (below) contradicts those claims.

Santiago died about two hours later from his injuries. His family sued the hospital; jury selection begins this week.

However, attorneys for the Maimonides Medical Center and ambulance driver Danielle Bensimhon filed papers in court last week to block the jury from the seeing the video because Bensimhon and her partner told a contradicting story under oath before Santiago's lawyers revealed the video.

Bensimhon reportedly told the NYPD on May 29, 2012, "I had stopped at the red light and confirmed that westbound traffic on 63rd Street was yielding to my emergency vehicle."

The New York Daily News notes that on July 18, 2013, Bensimhon made a similar claim in a sworn deposition in which she acknowledged the light for the ambulance was red.

The video, however, shows the ambulance flying through the red light. The actual collision with Santiago is barely out of frame, noted

Maimonides Medical Center's attorney Sean Prendergast claims the hospital was "irreparably damaged in their defense of this matter" by not seeing the video before the false statements were made by the driver.

Lawyer Scott Rynecki, who represents widow Rose Santiago, countered: "If we didn't find this video they would have gotten away with misleading everyone as to how this incident happened. From the outset, their medics' statements to investigators at the scene and afterward clearly did not conform to what happened."

(Note: The ambulance that appears in the photo for this article is not the ambulance involved in the accident.)

Sources:, New York Daily News / Photo Credit: Bull-Doser at English Wikipedia


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