Horse Throws Off Rider And Kicks Her After She Curses Him (Video)

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A female horseback rider was thrown off her horse and kicked in the head by the animal after she swore at him, in an incident that was caught on camera (video shown below).

The woman, who is believed to be from Australia, is calmly riding the brown horse when, suddenly, he begins galloping wildly and throws her off of his back, reports the Daily Mail. She curses the horse and follows him, in an attempt to regain control -- but the horse then kicks her in the face with his back legs and gallops away:

A horse uses its powerful kick as a way to communicate with a rider, reports Equus magazine. While horses may sometimes kick while being playful, they often do it because they feel threatened, are in pain, wish to establish dominance, feel frustrated, or simply desire personal space. 

It is unclear what prompted the horse in the video to kick its rider and whether the rider and horse were well-acquainted prior to the incident. 

Sources: Daily Mail,, Equus magazine

Photo Credit: Liveleak via Daily Mail


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