Horse Owner Makes Shocking Discovery (Video)


Marek Slodowski of Poland has raised horses for 13 years, but one day he made a terrifying discovery in his barn (video below).

Slodowski discovered one of his horses, Freedom, fell into a maintenance pit. The animal could not free herself, prompting Slodowski to take action. So began the harrowing rescue that took social media by storm.

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Slodowski first filled the empty space in the hole with hay, hoping enough of it would give Freedom the leverage required to push herself out.

When that failed, Slodowski contacted his local fire department to lend a hand. Firefighters tried using rope to pull Freedom to safety, but the rope was not strong enough.

Hours passed, and Freedom soon became exhausted. She was losing the battle, as she began to slowly fade.

“Don’t die, don’t die. It will be ok,” Slodowski said as he comforted Freedom, as Little Things reports.

The idea-well had run dry, comfort was all Slodowski could manage as his horse continued to fade away. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, Freedom showed one more burst of determination.

“She is standing up once again, but this time I thought ‘this is it’” Slodowski told a veterinarian at his arrival.

With Freedom’s renewed vigor, the rescuers helped the horse as attempted to free herself. Using her front legs to pull herself and her hind legs to push, Freedom began to climb her way out of the pit.

Wrapping rope behind Freedom, the firefighters pulled as she climbed. The extra help allowed Freedom to hop out of the pit after 12 long hours.

Sources: Little Things, Little Things/Facebook, GoPro/YouTube / Photo credit: Alvesgaspar/Wikimedia CommonsLittleThings/Facebook

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