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Horse Cruelty or Rumors ?

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Dr.Lyndy Soboleski & Suffolk Animal Control (ALL of Hampton Roads)


Dr. Soboleski is new to Hickory Veterinary Hospital, coming from Windsor Veterinary Hospital in Windsor, Virginia. Lyndy graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech in 1993. Before opening Windsor Veterinary Hospital in 2000, Lyndy operated her own Equine practice, Atlantic Equine Inc. Dr. Lyndy works with all kinds of animals including snakes and horses!

The City of Suffolk is investigating Dr. Soboleski-Brown and I encourage EVERYONE to follow this case. The reference number for this case is # 20100001160. This woman took an oath to provide and care for animals, yet her own personal horse died from "MALNUTRTION". and According to the report below she had three (3) sick horses and two (2) of them have died. In my opinion, this woman who calls herself a vet, should be banned from practicing medicine in the State of Virginia. She doesn't even deserve the priveledge of owning another horse or any other animal for that matter.

Mailing Address:

100 Kegman Road West

Chesapeake, Virginia 23322



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