This Is The Horrifying Moment Giant Python Emerged And Tried To Drag Thai Woman Down Toilet


A Thai woman claims that she was nearly killed by a python that crawled out of her toilet on Monday.

Rampeung Onlamai, 57, of Samkok, Thailand, was taking a shower in her apartment north of Bangkok when the huge snake sank its fangs into her right hand and attempted to drag her down the drain, Metro reports.

Rampeung grabbed a nearby broom to fend the animal off and called out for her daughter, who jumped in to save her and pull the python’s head off her hand, Metro reports. The python then returned to its toilet nest.

Rampeung was taken to a local hospital, where she needed 20 stitches to close the wound.

Khaosod reports that Samkok district officer Metha Taweekunchai ordered his officers to capture the snake so the family could use the toilet again.

Lesson learned: In the future, always check to make sure a giant python doesn’t suddenly emerge from the toilet before you start doing your business.

Sources: Coconuts BangkokMetroKhaosod

Image Credits: Ariel Matzukgolgarth/Flickr


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