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MMA Fighter Accused Of Sexual Assault, Attempted Murder (Photos)

Three years after a Las Vegas lawsuit was filed, ex-fighter War Machine and adult film star Christy Mack appeared in court on March 6 in their ongoing case.

In August 2014, War Machine, legally known as Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, walked into the home of Christy Mack, legally known as Christine Mackinday, to find her sleeping in bed with then-boyfriend Corey Thomas. Koppenhaver reportedly beat the couple until he fled the home and was found in Simi Valley a week later, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun.

The trial revealed that Mackinday was able to escape the attack before it escalated further.

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According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, during the attack, Koppenhaver told Mackinday, "This is it. I've got to kill you now," and allegedly left to the kitchen in search of a knife. Mackinday then ran out of the house, naked and dripping in blood, pounding on doors and begging to be let in by a neighbor.

Mackinday's fractured left eye socket, lacerated liver, multiple broken bones, two knocked out teeth and serious bruising resulted in a lawsuit that claims 34 counts against Koppenhaver, including multiple accounts of sexual assault as well as kidnapping and attempted murder.

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At the trial, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jacqueline Bluth recalled instances where Koppenhaver physically abused Mackinday during their relationship prior to the big attack in August 2014.

Koppenhaver pleaded not guilty to all allegations.

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Defense attorney Jay Leiderman explained the unhealthy and codependent relationship between Koppenhaver and Mackinday.

According to Leiderman, Mackinday and Koppenhaver are both "damaged people" who had been very open in discussing rape fantasies.

Following the hearing, New York Daily News went into detail regarding a conversation in court that covered Mackinday's feelings on rape.

When being questioned by defense attorney Brandon Sua, Mackinday said, "I did actually ask him to play out a rape fantasy one time ... but it never came to fruition."

Since the trial began, Koppenhaver rejected two possible plea deals that would have lessened his potential life sentence in prison.

He is currently at the Clark County Detention Center until a verdict is reached.

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