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Horrified Woman Discovers Rat's Head Inside Bag Of Frozen Spinach (Photos)

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A U.K. woman was shocked and outraged to find a rat’s head inside of a frozen bag of spinach she’d recently purchased from a grocery store.

Terri Powis, 33, said she noticed something strange coming from the green spinach when she began to cook the vegetable for herself and her 60-year-old mother. She investigated further and soon discovered the “fresh, pink” head of a rodent inside a clump of the spinach.

“It didn't even cross my mind that it was the head of a rat," Powis said, according to the Daily Mail. "I was poking around with it because I didn't know what it was. I was gobsmacked when I realized what it was - it was horrible. It was very fresh and really pink. It was a bit squashed but intact and must have been frozen soon after being severed.”

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Powis said she contacted ASDA, the grocery chain that manufactures the spinach, and received an apology. Despite the apology, she claimed that the company didn’t take her complaint very seriously.

“The way they handled it was like it happened every day,” she said. “They said sorry but it was just a, 'Yeah, bring it back to the store.' I felt it should have been dealt with more seriously.”

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An ASDA spokesperson later responded to the incident, vowing that the company would cooperate with authorities in an investigation.

“We'd like to apologize for any upset caused to Ms Powis,” the spokesperson said, “and we will work closely with the local authorities whilst they conduct their investigation.”

Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: via Daily Mail, WikiCommons


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