This Girl Thought She Had an Ordinary Snack—But Found a Gross Surprise Hidden in It

A schoolgirl’s seemingly ordinary snack turned out to have a frightening surprise hidden in it.

“I took a banana into school and was going to have it in the morning but I spotted something,” Hannah John explained.

“There was a hole in it and inside there were around 80 tiny spiders,” John said.

“I did let out a scream,” the 17-year-old student added. “It was horrible and I hate spiders.”

John, a student at Olchfa Comprehensive School, was comforted by her biology teacher, who assured her that the spiders were dead.

“My teacher told me to put it in the bin—but not the bin in her classroom,” John said.

John’s father had given her the banana; he had bought it at a supermarket near their home in Fforestfach, Swansea.

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“When I told him, he was a bit shocked but then he laughed,” the student noted.

John’s classmates joined in in expressing their horror at the discovery.

“It was horrible,” recounted Georgina Davies. “We had no idea what type of spider they were but they looked horrible.”

“It looked like it was just a bit of tissue paper but when you looked closer you could see lots of legs inside the hole. It was disgusting,” Davies said.

As Mirror reports, supermarkets source bananas from Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia; these countries are also home to some of the world’s most venomous spiders.

Sources: Mirror, Wales Online

Photo Sources: Mirror


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