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Alaskan Teenager Brutally Murdered Over Weed By Friend

An Alaskan teenager who had gone missing was allegedly beaten, kidnapped and made to walk into a secluded woods, where he was shot dead execution style. 

The remains of 16-year-old David Grunwald were found in a remote location in Palmer, Alaska, Dec. 2. Grunwald's friend, Erick Almandinger, also 16, has been charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping, despite denying being the one to have killed David. 

He was arraigned as an adult on Dec. 3. 

David's father reported his son missing on Nov. 13 after he did not show up at his home, the Daily Mail reports. The teenager had told his girlfriend he was going to visit Erick after dropping her off at home. 

The next day, his 1994 Ford Bronco was found torched on a road about 20 miles away from his house, court documents reveal, KTVA reports. 

Authorities said an acquaintance informed law enforcement officials that Erick had confessed to murdering David and that he was seeking advice. 

Erick reportedly told police David had gone over to his house to smoke and drink in a trailer in the backyard. 

He claimed another teenager, identified as D.J., was also present and had requested that Erick bring a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun to the gathering. 

Erick informed police that D.J. beat David with the gun before they both put him in the back of his Bronco as he slipped in and out of consciousness. 

"Erick said he provided driving directions to D.J. towards the Butte," the court documents reveal. "Erick said that as they drove towards the Butte he knew they were going to kill (David)."

He said they coerced David to walk into the woods where Erick states D.J. killed him with the gun.

Erick confessed to setting the victim's car ablaze with gasoline to get rid of evidence. 

Police had questioned Erick multiple times since his friend's vanishing but he lied to officials about what had transpired when David was with him.

Investigators reported smelling bleach and detected blood on the walls, floor and toilet when they searched the Almandinger trailer on Nov. 29. 

D.J. revealed where David's body was located to the police on Dec. 2, officials said. 

The "only motive" Erick mentioned to authorities was that David "had smoked all his weed," Sergeant Tony Wegrzyn wrote in an affidavit filed in the Palmer Superior Court Dec. 3, Alaska Dispatch News reports. "He said they didn't get any money [for the weed]."

"The kidnapping and murder of our son was unnecessary, weak-minded, cowardice and shameful," David's parents, Ben and Edie, said in a statement. "David was a sweet, caring and respecting boy. He was viciously attacked and murdered."

Sources: Daily Mail, KTVA, Alaska Dispatch News / Photo credit: Edith Grunwald via Alaska Dispatch News

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