Giant Hornet Nest Appears Outside Man's Window (Video)

A Reddit user was shocked to discover a giant hornet nest outside of his window.

The hornet nest, which was captured on film, is huge, and as reports note, it was likely made by European hornets rather than average ones.

“Wasps were kind enough to build this nest in a double-glass window which can not be opened and it is isolated in the attic,” said the Reddit user Redararis. “No worries for me or the neighbours [sic].”

Many users were fascinated by the size of the European hornets and wondered how the bugs went about building such a giant nest.

“Set up a camera to observe them,” said one user. “Make a time lapse of their nest building. I would be really intrigued by this.”

Redararis noted that the cold Winter weather should kill them in the next couple of months, but says he plans to kill them himself if they start to cause a problem.

Check out raw video of the giant nest below.

Sources: Newstalk, Reddit


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