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Cindy Mauro, Teacher Accused of Being Topless in Classroom, Won't Get Her Job Back

An infamous Brooklyn, New York, public school teacher has apparently failed in her judicial attempts to win back her job.

Cindy Mauro, the attractive French instructor dismissed from James Madison High School for participating in an alleged “lesbian lovefest” had her petition to return to the classroom denied this week. Mauro was allegedly caught topless between the legs of another female teacher, Alini Brito, in 2009 by one of James Madison’s custodians.

Since their dismissals, both teachers have vehemently denied any wrongdoing, challenging the custodian’s account as the product of a “vivid imagination.”

The sordid affair earned James Madison the suggestive moniker “Horndog High.”

City lawyers moved to fire the teachers immediately and Mauro fought back, initiating a long chain of legal battles that ended on Wednesday. Mauro argued before a judge that she was only helping Brito, a diabetic, deal with her low blood sugar and the the custodian misinterpreted what he saw.

Ultimately, Judge Robert Torres wasn’t buying her set of facts. He upheld the city arbitrator’s decision to fire Mauro this week, calling that ruling “rational and with plausible basis.”

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