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Hoping to Attract New Business, Missouri Cuts Taxes for Gun Manufacturers

The Missouri House has approved a bill that would offer a sizable tax cut to local gun manufacturers.

Like most legislation, timing is everything. Elsewhere in the country, states have passed strict gun control legislation because of the public outcry from the Sandy Hook massacre. Additionally, federal legislators have been pushing game-changing gun control bills. With so many new gun control policies, gun manufacturers have been looking for friendly climates.

That’s where Missouri comes in – at least, that’s what Missouri legislators are hoping. Their new legislation could catch the attention of companies like Stag Arms and Beretta, which are unhappy with their respective states of Connecticut and Maryland and want to find new bases of operation.

If passed, the bill would introduce a tax incentive that allows gun manufacturers to withhold up to $3 million in taxes each year. The rationale is that the gun manufacturers would be able to use this money to generate new jobs for gun-loving Missouri citizens.

Bill White (R) sponsored the bill. He argued that the bill would attract big business to the Show-Me State. It also offers a sizable economic boost to the 23 manufacturers that currently call Missouri home.

House Bill 630 needs one more vote before it moves to the Senate.

Despite the fact that Missouri is generally a pro-gun state, the bill is not necessarily a shoe-in for becoming a law. Critics of the bill claim that it offers unfair advantages to gun manufacturers. If newly relocated gun companies can enjoy a $3 million tax break, why can’t clothing manufacturers, farms, and other companies enjoy similar advantages?

Missouri has been solidifying its reputation as one of the go-to states for gun rights. House Bill 630 marks the third pro-gun piece of legislation that has been voted on in the last week. The other two bills protect gun owners from federal laws and deregulate guns that remain in Missouri after they’ve been manufactured.

The overall message is quite clear: Gun manufacturers are welcome.

Source: News-Leader


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