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Woman Found Dead In Her Home While Her Daughter Lived In The Floor Above

On December 29, Hope B. Ruller, 94, was found dead in her Gloversville, New York, home. Apparently she was deceased for several months before her body was discovered. 

However, Ruller did not live alone; her unnamed daughter lives on the floor above where Ruller’s body was found. Fulton County District Attorney Louise Sira told WNYT that police officers found her decomposing body on the first floor of the apartment building.

Gloversville Police Capt. Marc Porter said that the cause of Ruller’s death has not been determined, but they’re not ruling out foul play. Investigators are awaiting the results of an autopsy, but inquiries into Ruller’s death are ongoing. 

Neighbor Alberta Cordone was horrified by the discovery.

"Your mother's your mother," she said. "You're going to tell me, in all this time, you don't go and look (in) on your mother downstairs? Knock on the door!”

Ruller’s daughter has not officially been named a suspect, but police are investigating possible financial motives. Porter would not say if Ruller’s money or social security checks had been tampered with, but he did confirm that detectives were looking into the financial practices of Ruller’s family members. "Those records are being subpoenaed at this time," he said. "Our detectives are going to review those as part of the investigation, and I don't have any further comment with regard to that.”

Source: WNYT Image via Tony Fischer/Flickr


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