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Hop, Don't Walk, to See Hop

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If we needed another reason to love the movie Hop, Universal Pictures just gave us a big one. Besides featuring all computer-generated animals and the voice of PETA U.K. Sexiest Vegetarian Russell Brand, Universal took a big step in helping the non-animated version of Hop's animal star. After we let the company know that animal shelters are inundated with animals after the latest movie-inspired fad has worn off, it  posted a message on the front page of the film's website discouraging people from rushing out to buy live versions of the animated rabbits and chicks featured in the movie.

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With animal shelters bracing for an onslaught of bunnies abandoned just weeks after being stuffed into Easter baskets like plastic eggs, the message on Hop's website is a timely reminder that rabbits have special needs and require years of care. Unlike a certain recent lizard film that partnered with pet stores and encouraged people to buy animals like the ones they see in movies, Hop's producers are promoting family fun, not animal neglect.

Hop opens in theaters tomorrow. Can't wait 'til then? Catch a sneak peek on YouTube

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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