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Hawaii Mother Keala Simeona Arrested After Claiming She Found Newborn on Beach

A 21-year-old woman who reported finding a newborn baby on a beach in Honolulu was arrested Tuesday after police discovered she was the baby’s mother.

Keala Simeona reported she found an abandoned 8-pound baby girl at Sandy Beach on Sunday night. She claimed she had been parked nearby when she heard screams from people on the beach. She said she walked towards the ocean, found the baby, and then promptly took her to a hospital.

She was charged with filing a false report and was released after posting $250 bail. Police do not expect to pursue any more charges against Simeona at this time. They are currently investigating the incident as a child abandonment case.

The Department of Human Services will be working to complete the investigation. They plan to ask the court to have the mother submit to DNA testing, as well as anyone she identifies as the father.

DHS Director Patricia McManaman said the full-term baby was "found" immediately after she was born, although doctors could not say exactly when the birth occurred.

The baby girl appears to be in good health and is drinking formula at the hospital.

An initial hearing is scheduled on Monday in Family Court, where it will be decided is Simeona’s parental rights will be terminated.

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