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Hong Kong Man Allegedly Killed Secret Family, Kept Bodies In Apartment For 14 Years

A Hong Kong man allegedly killed his mistress and their son and hid their bodies in his home for 14 years.

Kan Wai-nam, 53, is accused of strangling the pair while they were sleeping. He allegedly hid the bodies in his apartment and even transported them when he moved into a new home in Shenzhen's Buji district.

A housekeeper found the skeletal remains of the woman and their 2-year-old son inside a smelly, woven bag on the top floor of his home.

Wai-nam was arrested on May 4 and reportedly confessed to the double murder in 2000.

"Kan rented the two apartments because they are on the top floor of a remote building that was close to a garbage refuse site. Few people would venture upstairs and the refuse site would also mask the odor from the bodies," a source told theSouth China Morning Post.

According to local reports, Wai-nam met his mistress, who was in her 20s, and they had a child in 1998. He provided her with 2,000 yuan a month, about $320, while also supporting his wife and two children in Hong Kong.

However, the suspect had a gambling problem and was hundreds of thousands of yuan in debt. He allegedly killed his mistress and their son because he could not afford to provide for them.

The mistress’s family apparently did not realize she was missing and thought they had simply fallen out of touch with her.

At some point between the murder and 2014, Wai-nam divorced his wife. She reportedly abandoned their Hong Kong home and took the children.

Sources: South China Morning Post, New York Daily News


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