Honduran Soldier Faces Punishment After Shooting A Dog Twice


A soldier in Honduras faces a military investigation after a video emerged of him shooting a dog twice before stepping on its neck, reports Daily Mail.

Military officials in the Central American country have promised to look into the issue after seeing the footage of what appears to be a member of the air force shooting a dog with a pistol on a firing range.

The graphic video seems to show the soldier firing at the dog from a distance before approaching the animal and shooting it point blank as it writhes in pain.

Though the video ends soon after, another video emerged that seems to show the twitching animal being dragged into the middle of the firing range before the soldier stepped on the suffering hound’s neck, finally ending its suffering.

According to the news site, officials have confirmed the video was taken on a military base.

Jose Antonio Sanchez, a spokesman for the Honduran military, said the man had been identified as a member of the Honduran air force but did not provide a name.

Sanchez went on to explain the soldier is facing military discipline, including a fine, a dishonorable discharge or possibly a prison sentence. Military police are investigating the matter.

The video of the apparent abuse comes in the wake of another video uploaded earlier in the week of a dog being blown up as a group of young men watch and laugh. That video was also filmed in Honduras.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Screen Capture via Daily Mail


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