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Homosexual "Great Kiss-In" Event Obscene and Indecent

By Laurie Higgins, DSA Director, Illinois Family Institute

Saturday, August 15, homosexual activists held what
they called "The Great Nationwide Kiss-In" in
various public locations in thirty-five cities around the country to
protest public disapproval of homosexuality, including public
disapproval of homosexual kissing.

On one website announcing this event, the blogger asks a series of rhetorical questions:

everyone be allowed to kiss? Kissing isn't a bad thing, it's not
obscene, vulgar or inappropriate-is it? In fact, it's a beautiful
thing, I love kissing and I'm sure you love kissing too! And sometimes
I like kissing my sweetie when we're out, so shouldn't we be able to
kiss anywhere?

Well, I'll take a stab at answering his rhetorical questions.

think very few Americans want to pass laws outlawing kissing--even
kissing that is obscene and inappropriate. And some kissing contexts
are, indeed, obscene, which means "offensive to accepted standards of
decency," and inappropriate.

An adult kissing a pre-pubescent
child or a high school-age adolescent in a sexual or romantic manner is
both obscene and inappropriate despite the protestations of the North
American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) to the contrary.

or sexual kissing between two consenting adults who are in love and who
are closely related by blood is both obscene and inappropriate despite
the protestations of defenders of incest to the contrary.

Romantic or sexual kissing among "multi-partner" unions, like those profiled in a recent Newsweekarticle, are both obscene and inappropriate despite the protests of polyamorists to the contrary.

or sexual kissing between two people of the same biological sex is both
obscene and inappropriate despite the voluble, vigorous, and often
vitriolic protests of homosexuals to the contrary.

What one
considers obscene, inappropriate kissing depends on prior
presuppositions. What the public deems inappropriate kissing depends on
whether a particular kind of relationship is morally legitimate. And
many consider homosexual relationships to be morally indefensible no
matter how kind the people involved or how much we love them as

IFI is not suggesting that homosexual kissing be
banned. What we hope is that the public would recover both a proper
understanding of the immorality of homosexual acts and the courage to
voice that belief, so that public disapproval will be strong enough to
persuade homosexuals to voluntarily restrict their kissing to private
venues. Many adults do not care to witness obscene and inappropriate
kissing, and their children shouldn't have to.


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