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Homeschooling Expert Claims Sex Ed Will Ruin Marriages, Help Democrats (Audio)

Minnesota Tea Party activist and homeschooling expert Marjorie Holsten told radio talk show host Jan Markell on Sunday that sex education classes would help Democrats win elections by ruining marriages.

Holsten specifically objected to biologically accurate sex ed courses in the Common Core curriculum (audio below).

“People say to me, why would they teach such awful things to our children?” Holsten said on the "Understanding the Times" radio show, noted

“If you go deep down and you connect those dots, you see that when children are desensitized to sexual things, that affects their ability at a later date to bond with a spouse,” added Holsten.

“And so if you have somebody who can’t bond, they’re not going to have a stable marriage. When you have unstable, broken households, how do they vote? Democrat. So this has a very evil underlying intent.”

Holsten did not provide any evidence to back up her claim that "unstable, broken households" vote for Democrats, but she falsely claimed that Common Core requires that children be taught that President Obama is the "messiah" (audio below).

"If the teacher doesn’t teach that Obama’s the messiah, the children aren’t going to answer that question as desired by the Common Core grading system and so the teacher might not be able to retain her grade," stated Holsten. "So really we need an uprising."

According to, Holsten told "The Daily Show" in 2012 that she used guinea pigs to teach her children about human sexuality.

“Well, we had a boy and a girl guinea pig that clearly liked each other,” stated Holsten. “You really couldn’t see anything because they’re big, furry little fuzzball things. I mean, that’s why there isn’t guinea pig porn movies.”



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