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Homeschooling Dad Pays $7,143 in Public School Taxes with One Dollar Bills (Video)

Robert Fernandes was so upset over his $7,143 school tax bill in Forks Township, Pa. that he recently paid the total amount with one dollar bills.

Fernandes doesn't think he should have to pay taxes for the local public schools because he and his wife homeschool their children (video below).

“We don't even use the public system, yet I am being forced to pay all this money into a public school system. I don't think that's really either fair or just or even ethical. It would be the equivalent if McDonald's were to force vegetarians to pay for their cheeseburgers," Fernandes told Leigh Valley Live.

However, the dad of three failed to mention that all citizens have to pay tax money for public services that they don't use, such as a non-handicapped people having to pay for handicapped services.

Fernandes walked into the Forks Township tax office with stacks of singles, his kids and a camera crew on Aug. 27.

“I wanted to create a visual; they don’t get to actually... see exactly how much taxes is being stolen from them. And I am using the word 'stolen' because I'm not here voluntarily paying this money to anybody. I'm here because I fear for the threat somebody will come and take my house away from me if I don't pay this," said Fernandes on the video.

"It needs to be seen, this is $7,143.54 of my hard-earned money. It's pretty tough to me to part with this. I can think of better uses for this money than to give it to some service I don't use."

When the polite tax collector, Anne Bennett-Morse, asked Fernandes if he could go to a bank to get the money counted, the angry dad fumed: "I think it says a lot that they can't even count this large amount of money here. They expect me to work hard for it and other people to work hard for their money, but they can't even count it in the place that they collect it."

Source: Leigh Valley Live


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