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Homeowner Kills Intruder Taking Shower

A Washington state homeowner was arrested after fatally shooting an intruder who was taking a shower in his home.

The homeowner, who remains unnamed, owns two houses in close proximity to each other. He lives full time in one house and uses the other to run an internet-based business, according to KOMO News.

At around 8 a.m. on April 1, the man arrived at his secondary property planning to do some work when he noticed that a window screen had been removed and a door had been kicked in.

The man entered his property and heard his shower running. He entered the bathroom and confronted the intruder, later identified as Nathaniel Joseph Rosa, 31.

The two exchanged words and the homeowner left. He later returned with a gun and shot and killed the intruder.

"He returned home, retrieved a firearm, came back over to the residence and fired multiple rounds into the shower ... killing the intruder," said Mason County Sheriff's Lt. Travis Adams, according to KOMO News.

The homeowner then called 911 to say that he had fatally shot a home invader. He has been arrested for second-degree murder, as authorities believe that the use of deadly force was not immediately necessary and that the man could have called the police in the time he took to retrieve his gun.

"Certainly he had an opportunity to call law enforcement at that time," said Adams. "And we've contacted our local prosecutor, explained the circumstances to him, and he agrees that second-degree murder was an appropriate charge in this case."

Investigators do not believe that Rosa was armed at the time of his death. The arrest has already led to some internet controversy, with many discussing whether a second-degree murder charge was appropriate.

"This is insane and perverse," one Twitter user commented on the Mason County Sheriff's thread. "Homeowner charged for shooting someone in his shower? Why is law enforcement promoting crime?"

Other people seemed to side with law enforcement, saying that the shooting was murder, not self-defense.

"If he had time to leave and get a gun, he had time to call the police, this guy should be locked up," another user Tweeted. "I get he was mad, but this was murder!"

The Mason County Sheriff's Office responded to some of the concerns over Twitter, writing that people should wait until more information is released before making judgments.

"Lots of reactions to the arrest," the office wrote in an April 1 tweet. "There is more to the story that can not be released yet. You may reserve your judgment until facts are out."

Sources: KOMO News, Mason County Sheriff's Officer/Twitter / Photo Credit: Mason County Sheriff's Office/Twitter

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