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'It's Very, Very Insensitive': HOA Threatens To Sue Family Over Wheelchair Ramp (Photos)

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A Homeowners Association in Brentwood, Tennessee, is threatening to sue a family for installing a wheelchair ramp outside of their home. 

Last summer, well-known local pastor Michael Broadnax suffered a stroke, leaving his wife, Charlotte, to be the head of the household. Broadnax recently underwent another brain surgery, and is currently in the hospital recovering, the Tennessee Christian News reports. In order to help her husband, Mrs Broadnax installed a wheelchair ramp outside at the advice of a nursing home that was to provide therapy for him. For months, the ramp remained at the home without issue.

On June 1, however, Mrs Broadnax received a letter from an attorney representing the homeowners association.

“The association demands that within 14 days of the date of this letter, you remove the wheelchair ramp and restore the exterior of your home,” the letter read, according to WSMV. Failure to adhere to the demands would, according to the letter, authorize the association “to come onto your property and remove the ramp and charge you with the work.”

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“If you force the association to sue you, it will seek a court order,” and charge the Broadnax family with the associations attorney’s fees, according to the letter.

“I think it's very, very insensitive,” Mrs Broadnax told WSMV. "Within 14 days I have to try to get that ramp down? Within 14 days bring him home?

"When he comes home from the hospital, how am I going to get him in the house?" she added.

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Ghertner and Company, the organization that manages the homeowners association, issued a statement after the Broadnax’s story was picked up by local media.

“The governing documents for this community require that all exterior improvements receive prior approval. A letter was sent to the owner regarding the ramp as no application for approval had been received,” the statement read.

“The board did not know the ramp was for the homeowner, Mr. Broadnax," the statement continued. "The association would like to work with the owners on a compromise regarding the appearance and location of the ramp and compliance with any applicable codes."

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Sources: WSMV, Tennessee Christian News

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