Homeowners Association Bans Little Girl's Playhouse (Photos)

Homeowners Association Bans Little Girl's Playhouse (Photos) Promo Image

A little girl's backyard playhouse is at the center of a neighborhood controversy.

Emma Goolsby, a 6-year-old from Blue Springs, Missouri, has filled her pink playhouse with flowers, books and crafts, observes the Daily Mail.

"Ask anybody, they'll tell you. She's everything to our family," said Emma's grandmother, Bobbie Goolsby, in an interview with KSHB.

She explained that Emma goes into her playhouse every day to receive breathing treatments for an autoimmune disorder. "It's my world," said Emma of her little house.

But the Rockhill Home Owners Association claims the playhouse violates its "no shed policy," noting that while it approves of most wooden play sets, this particular playhouse remains in violation of its rules.

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In an email on Sept. 17, the association said it "would prefer not to take legal action but will move forward if not resolved."

"Our HOA bylaws say you can't have a shed, but it doesn't say anything about a playhouse," Bobbie contends. "It's sad that they're picking on a child's playhouse."

She insists that both she and her realtor were told they could bring the playhouse to the neighborhood.

However, HOA President DeeAnn Myers disputes that claim. "We have kindly requested them to remove this unapproved structure numerous times to no avail," she wrote in an email. "We know both the Goolsby's and their Real Estate Agent had copies of these rules prior to purchasing this home and have simply ignored them. At a recent HOA annual meeting the Board opened the floor to the Goolsby's to appeal their case and the HOA decided to hold firm in its original decision."

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Some of Bobbie's neighbors who were interviewed by KSHB said they aren't bothered by the playhouse.

"It's never been a problem for me," said Ryan Reed, who lives a few doors down.

"I would love for her to have it," added John Batty, another neighbor.

Bobbie says she's willing to challenge the HOA in court, if necessary, stating that Emma would be "devastated" if the playhouse is removed.

In March, a playhouse in another Missouri town also ran into trouble.

In Raymore, Missouri, the Make-A-Wish Foundation was going to build a playhouse for 6-year-old Ella Joe Schultz, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, reports the Miami Herald.

Initially, the local HOA refused to permit construction of the playhouse, but eventually yielded to protests against the decision.

Sources: Daily Mail, KSHB, Miami Herald / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: KSHB via Daily Mail

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