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Homeowner Who Used Deadly Force During Home Invasion Now Facing Consequences

An Akron, Ohio, man was charged with voluntary manslaughter after he shot and killed someone he says was attempting to rob his home.

David Hillis, 21, was arraigned and was then booked into Summit County Jail, according to a release from Akron police. The charge is voluntary manslaughter, a first-degree felony, reported.

Hillis is accused of shooting and killing Marcus Glover, 25, of Akron as the man allegedly attempted to rob his home.

A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the burglary. Terry Tart, 37, of Akron, was with Glover during the robbery, police say. Tart faces charges of aggravated burglary and murder.

Tart is charged with murder because the death of his accomplice was “a proximate cause of Terry Tart and Glover committing the aggravated burglary together,” officials say.

Glover and Tart forced their way into Hillis’ home and threatened him at gunpoint, according to police. Hillis then pulled a gun and fired shots, Fox 8 reported.

Glover and Tart ran away. Tart had made his escape through a wooded area near the home, but Glover was reportedly hit in the head with a bullet and killed during the attempted escape. He collapsed about two houses down.

“We have two scenes," Akron Police Captain Dan Zampelli said, according to Fox 8. "We have the home where the robbery took place and then approximately two houses to the right as you’re facing the home, the robbery home, is where the robbery suspect, the deceased, fell and died."

“Self-defense is an affirmative defense, but people have a duty to retreat when they’re outside the home,” Akron Deputy Chief Prosecutor Craig Morgan said. “The only place they don’t have a duty to retreat is inside the home.”

About one hour after the shooting, Hillis’ father, retired Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hillis, 52, got into a fight with Akron police officers after he arrived at the scene.

Police say he pushed past officers and crime scene tape. He was asked to leave several times but refused. He was then tackled by police and charged with four misdemeanors which he pleaded not guilty to, according to

Tart was released from prison in May 2014 after serving nine years behind bars for two armed robberies. In one he reportedly held two people at gunpoint and stole money and jewelry, kicking the victims several times and hitting them with a shotgun.

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Photo credit: Summit County Jail


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