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Homeowner Shoots At Teen Burglar Caught In Act

Homeowner Shoots At Teen Burglar Caught In Act

A DeLand homeowner opened fire on a teenager he saw breaking into his house on East New Street (see map) Monday.

The bullet didn’t hit the teen, but the homeowner still helped police make an arrest; the homeowner held down the suspect until the police got there.

Daven Woulard was coming home from the store and, from the street, his wife who was with him in the car saw two legs sticking out of a window. It’s the window to their son’s bedroom.

Woulard was not about to let anyone break into his home. He pulled into his driveway in a hurry, jumped out of the car and grabbed his .44-magnum handgun, which he has a permit to carry.

Woulard told the young boy to get out of the house and, when he didn’t react right away, fired a shot into the ground. That made the 16-year-old move a little quicker. At that point, the teen did everything Woulard told him to do, holding still until the police got there.

Woulard said it was a one in a million chance to catch someone in the act like that, but it’s exactly why he carries a gun.

“I work hard for the stuff that I have and I have a concealed weapon’s permit to protect me and my family,” Woulard said.
Police said they are still interviewing the 16-year-old boy they arrested. He may just be release to his parents, depending on the facts and if he has any criminal history. His name has not been released.


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