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Homeowner Ron Carter Says He's Glad He Didn't Shoot Cops Who Burst Into His House By Mistake

Ron Carter is one cool customer. He says he wasn’t the least bit afraid when Seminole County, Fla., sheriff’s deputies burst in his house with guns drawn on Oct. 1. Well, except that if he’d had one of his own guns in his hand instead of a Louis L’Amour paperback western, the situation coud have been very different.

Carter (pictured) didn’t say what he believes might have happened if he had emerged from his bedroom gun in hand, only that it would be a “big problem.”

The Casselberry grandfather has lived in the same house, at 121 East Lauren Court for the last 47 years. He says that he’s never had any trouble in the peaceful community. In fact, he leaves his doors unlocked at night. Or he used to, anyway.

On Oct. 1, he heard the door open and someone came in. He thought it was his son, but instead, it was three deputies, guns leveled, ready to take someone out.

"I came out of the bedroom with a book in my hand and I noticed a police man -- a Seminole County Sheriff's deputy -- standing there with his gun drawn," Carter told TV station WKMG Channel 6. "There was another one standing to his side with his gun drawn, and then there was one by the door frame with his gun drawn."

Turns out, they were looking for a burglar. They told Carter that they had a report that his alarm had gone off. Carter told them that they were probably looking for the house at 121 West Lauren Court, not East Lauren Court.

But the first thing Carter said was, “Please don’t shoot my dog.”

The deputies had seen enough.

"They looked at each other and went right out the door, got in their cars and left," Carter recounted.

The sheriff’s department later sent one of the deputies back to Carters house to apologize, but Cater said he is not angry at them. “They made a mistake. They’re doing their job.”

The only thing that upsets him, he says, is that the situation could have been much worse.

"I carry a couple guns. I'm licensed to carry them. And if I had walked out of my bedroom with one of those guns instead of my book, what would have happened?" Carter wonders. "There could have been a big problem there."

There was an actual burglary in progress at the correct house, where one deputy had correctly responded. he was left alone in the same house as the criminal as his three colleagues tried to correct their mistake.

See an unedited interview with Carter from WFTV, below. And a video report on the incident from WMKG below that.

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