Homeowner Rescues Doe With Hoof Stuck In Fence (Video)


A kind-hearted homeowner managed to free a deer who was left hanging from a fence by its hoof after underestimating a leap.

The man filmed the entire scene with his cellphone. As he approaches the doe, she begins to grunt in pain. It appears she understands that he is there to help and doesn’t panic. Surprisingly, the doe doesn’t attempt to thrash in order to free herself, but hangs from the fence calmly.

The man initially tries to push the doe’s hoof out of the fence, but when that doesn’t work he tries something else.

“I’m gonna fix it,” the man says, “I’m gonna fix it.”

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The man puts his cellphone onto the ground, then walks behind the fence and shoves out one of the wooden fence panels. The deer is set free and bolts away immediately.

The video was originally posted on Backwood Life’s Facebook page. It has received almost 3,000 likes.

Sources: DailyMail, NY Post


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