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Two Home Invaders Die When Confronted By Armed Homeowner

Two young men were fatally shot by a homeowner who was trying to protect himself when they broke inside.

According to reports, three suspected burglars entered a Memphis, Tennessee, home this week, two of them armed with guns. Despite a verbal warning from the homeowner to take a step back, they didn't listen. The decision ultimately cost two of them their lives.

When the invaders refused to take a step back, the homeowner was forced to fire his weapon. Ultimately, 18-year-old Jordan Mitchell and 20-year-old Melvin Atkins were shot dead. The third invader was able to escape and fled the scene immediately.

“Anybody with common sense, if you walk in your house and there’s two people in there ain’t got no business in there, got guns, you’d do the same thing he did,” a neighbor told WREG. “This is the second time it happened to him 'cause the last time not long ago, maybe like a year ago I hear he came back from work and somebody followed him and beat him up and they took his truck and run away.”

Police are currently on the hunt for the third suspect as locals fear that their homes could be next. The homeowner is not expected to face any charges for killing the two young robbers.

Sources:The Blaze, WREG / Photo Sources: The Blaze,


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