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Homeowner, Driver Unharmed When Car Lands On Roof (Photos)


Two Michigan residents were unharmed after a car ended up on the roof of a house.

Joyce Kingsley, 83, was in her home in Woodhull Township, Michigan, on Oct. 26 when she suddenly hear a “kaboom” sound, the Argus-Press reports. She looked out the window and didn’t see anything -- until she decided to look up.

It was in that moment that Kingsley realized what’d happened — a Ford Mustang had landed on the roof of her home. The driver reportedly had a medical problem and lost control of their car, rolling down the hill that was next to Kingsley’s home. 

With the roof of her house almost level with the ground, the car crashed through a fence and finally stopped on the roof. 

State police said the driver was treated for low blood sugar, but was uninjured in the accident. Trooper Ben Rowell said the driver as “extremely lucky.”

Kingsley said she plans to put a tarp over her roof until she’s able to get it fixed.

Sources: AP via KOMO News, The Argus-Press / Photo credit: Michigan State Police via AP


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