'Sissy' Fight Between Two Men Ignites Social Media (Video)


A Texas woman was surprised and upset to discover two subcontractors for AT&T were physically fighting each other in her backyard (video below).

She detected the pair fighting through her home's security app, found it ridiculous and compared the two adult men to "12-year-old girls," reports the Daily Mail.

The video reveals the two men fighting each other while rolling on the ground, throwing weak punches, pulling hair and tugging on each other's faces. 

The altercation between the two subcontractors happened on March 15 soon after they arrived at the woman's San Antonio property, where they were meant to install high-speed cables for the company's Fiber plan.

The homeowner, who did not reveal her identity, posted the video to Facebook and derided their childish "12-year-old girls" attitude to the fight. 

She dubbed it the "sissiest fight I've ever seen in my life." 

"Caught this sissy a** fight on my security camera today in my backyard," she wrote in the post. "These idiots are supposed to be installing AT&T fiber wire not getting into a lovers' quarrel. 

"I didn't realize grown men fought this way," the woman said, the Houston Chronicle reports. 

"It's a full on chick fight, about the sissiest fight I've ever seen in my life. I could have done a better job at kickin' those boys tails."

One of the poster's Facebook friends responded: "This is an insult to 12-year-old girls everywhere." 

"Are they related?" chipped in another friend. "They're fighting like siblings who don't want to do much damage, but aren't above a 'noogie.' I was waiting for one to start the 'stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself....'"

"Looks more like two compadres fighting over a taco," said a Facebook user. 

AT&T released a statement addressing the altercation: "This involved employees of a company that was hired by one of our contractors, and obviously didn't meet our requirements of how they conduct themselves ... The contractor has assured us they will no longer use this company when working for us."

The company sent a different crew of workers to finish the job. The Texas woman said she was content with how the telecommunications company handled the incident. 

The minute-long video continues to attract views on Facebook, even without any audio.

"If either of these guys want to learn to fight, shoot us a message," commented a jujitsu martial arts training school. "We offer a free month of lessons on the house." 

Sources: Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle / Photo credit: Corporal Kamran Sadaghiani/Wikimedia Commons

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