Homeowner Discovers The Scariest Spider Of All Time (Video)

Do you find tarantulas creepy? If so, brace yourself, because we’ve got video of a spider today that makes a tarantula look like a teddy bear.

Introducing the Tube Web Spider, a big, black arachnid with fangs almost an inch long.

YouTube user angryrhyno caught some great footage of a Tube Web spider after finding a web in his shed. He takes a video as he prods the web, and about 10 seconds into the footage the spider appears in all of its terrifying glory.

Imagine being bitten by this:

The spider is native to the Mediterranean region and arrived in England in the 19th century through sea trade. One hundred years later, it has spread to many areas of the U.K. The bite from those huge fangs is reportedly “quite painful” and is compared to a “deep injection.” Although painful, the bite isn’t fatal to humans. 

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Source: YouTube


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