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Homeowner Dave Miller Warns Against Storing 9-Volt Batteries Because Of Fire Hazard (Video)

One homeowner had a devastating house fire that was sparked when he stored 9-volt batteries from smoke detectors in a bag in his garage. He shared his story in a video to help others prevent the same thing from happening.

Positive and negative posts of the battery are so close to each other that it only takes a piece of conductive metal to spark a fire, according to The Meta Picture.

In the clip below, Fort Collins, Colorado, resident Dave Miller recounts how a battery fire destroyed his home, KCTV5 reports. It was first posted to the KidsAndCharacter YouTube channel in 2012, but went viral early last year.

"If it can save one person's life, then everything my family has gone through has been worth it," he says in the video.

Miller explains how he replaced the 9-volt batteries in his smoke detectors, then threw the used ones in a paper bag, which he had been planning to bring to a recycling center.

"I put a laundry basket on the shelf next to it. It bumped the bag. The two batteries touched and shorted the terminals, and that’s what burned down my house," Miller goes on to say.

One safe way to dispose of the batteries is to cover the ends with a piece of electrical tape, so nothing will short across the terminals, he advised.

Watch Miller’s video below to learn more about his story, so you don’t make the same mistake:

Sources: The Meta PictureKCTV5 / Photo Credit: KidsAndCharacter/YouTube, MD111/Flickr Creative Commons


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