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Man Holds Teens Who Toilet Papered House At Gunpoint

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Police arrested a Louisiana man after he pulled a gun on teenagers who had toilet papered his house on Oct. 27.

Mandeville Police Chief Gerald Sticker said the youngsters were participating in the “yearly ritual of ‘rolling or toilet papering’ of homes of fellow students,” reports KPTV.

"It's a junior-senior war where they go to their friends' houses and they throw toilet paper in their bushes and then the next day they come clean it up," said Andre Toce, an attorney representing some of the students and their families, reports WWL-TV.

Upon rolling Craig Scott's house, however, the group of teenagers soon found themselves running for their lives.

Scott chased the teenagers with a semiautomatic handgun throughout the neighborhood.

"The parents don't understand why their girls were held at gunpoint for something as simple as that," added Toce.

When he finally caught up with them, Scott allegedly blocked the street before leaving his vehicle and confronting the group with a handgun.

Police arrested Scott on Nov. 2, charging him with aggravated assault with a firearm and obstruction of a roadway.

"Though he had ample opportunity, Mr. Scott never once called 911 or requested police assistance," Sticker said. "The end clearly did not justify the means this situation."

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The teenagers also face criminal mischief charges.

However, Scott defends his actions.

The homeowner says he thought somebody was trying to break into his home. He found broken parts of a toilet, a mattress in his garden, and an unknown chemical on his driveway. Then the group returned.

Scott says he began to chase them so he could have them in one place by the time police arrived.

"I didn't volunteer to have my home, my property attacked in the middle of the night or have my wife or my autistic son terrified in the middle of the night," said Scott. "I, my family, and my daughter, who goes to one of these schools, have basically been bullied and vilified as some kind of crazed lunatic who is out here assaulting sweet children in the middle of the night and nothing could be further from the truth.”

It's not the first time a man has been accused of overreacting in response to teenagers.

In April, former Miami, Florida, police officer Mario Lazaro Perez, 49, threatened to kill two teenagers who were allegedly speeding in a noisy car, reports the Sun Sentinel.

Perez chased them, threatened the teens with a gun, and assaulted them both.

"The muzzle of the gun was put behind [my son’s] head," said Eva Jacques, mother of one of the teens. "If that thing had gone off, it would have been a whole different story."

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