Homemade Drug 'Dirty Sprite' Popular Among Teens

A new homemade drug has become popular with teens called "Dirty Sprite."

Dirty Sprite is made from candy, soda, and prescription medications, reports KPHO. The homemade concoction is also referred to as "lean."

A screening was done by Coastal Horizons in North Carolina to see how many teens had tried Dirty Sprite.

"About one third of the kids we screened have already tried Dirty Sprite or lean," Deeanna Hale Holland, Prevention Director at Coastal Horizons said.

It is unclear how prevalent the use of Dirty Sprite is in other areas.

The concoction can be addictive, and even deadly, reports The Indy Channel.

Dirty Sprite is likened to Drank on urban dictionary, a drink composed of purple codeine and promethazine cough syrup mixed with soda, like 7-Up or Sprite.

Holland says parents should speak with their children about Dirty Sprite.

"Ask them about their friends and what they've heard. Make sure that you restate your family's values on alcohol and other drugs," Holland said.

The taking old prescription medications is one method used to make Dirty Sprite. Officials say throwing them away is one way to make sure children do not access drugs they should not be taking.

Photo Source: USMC/Wikipedia Commons


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